Working at the Adavale Pub, Store, Post Office

My name is Nina (from Germany) and I am the first  Backpacker who worked in the Adavale  Pub Store Post Office. I had a really good  time here and want to tell you what you can expect when you come out here.

First of all Adavale is a very small town with a population of 25 people. So after a one week you know everyone who lives around the town because they come in every now and then. Tourists, most of them live in
Australia have a look around the country. Some come from the city to go pig hunting in the Outback.

You live in a house next to the pub together with the owner. You share the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. In the Living room is a TV where you can watch the normal TV program, DVDs or play Wii. There are two bedrooms free so you can choose which one suits you best. Both have an air conditioner.

General cleaning like wipe the tables and vacuum the floor. Serving behind the bar/in the shop: The shop isnít that big and all prices are marked or noted on a list. There is always something else to do and Koss will tell you what needs to be done.

 My experience
I had an awesome time in Adavale. If you really want to know how people in the outback live you should definitely come out here. When I arrived a lovely family welcomed me on my first day of work. They stayed at the pub for a few hours wanted to play pool and talk with me. Talking to the locals is not always easy because some have a strong accent which makes them hard to understand. But after a while you get used to it. In my time here I met so many locals who told me a lot about the life here and some of them picked me up and showed me their property or their home. I also could visit some to have a look how they crutch (shearing) their sheep or draft their cattle. You can have such a good time here if you give everything a go.

But actually you can not come with them every day, so in the rest of your free time you can explore the area on the quad bike or have a look at some historical sites around the town. If you are interested in history Koss would love to tell you all he knows about the past. And he knows a lot. He can tell you something about the last floods and about almost every building in town. If you want to he can also go for a drive with you and show you some awesome places of nature and history.

I had a lot of very exiting days but if you stay for more than a few weeks it can always get a bit boring in some stage. So if no one is there to pick you up, you are sick of playing pool, it is to hot to drive the quad, you have no fun in looking movies, playing Wii or surfing in the internet, than you should be prepared and bring a book ;-) 

I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did!
Nina (from Germany)